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       Faithful Friends Farm Camp!
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Enrollment information for 2010 camp is listed after the pictures.

Faithful Friends Farm Camp is designed to be a safe and supportive Christian enironment for children to express and develope their faith, while enjoying the animals God has entrusted to us!   We have developed a unique farm based program to fuflill this goal.
We offer a laid back, relaxed, farm atmosphere, with personalized attention to each child. We only accept up to 8 campers per day and will have 2-3 instructors available at all times.

Faithful Friends Farm Camp Schedule
Ages 9-14 yrs
Session 1
Tues 6/15
Thur 6/17
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 2
Tues 6/22
Thur 6/24
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 3
Tues 6/29
Thur  7/1
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 4
Tues 7/6
Thur 7/8
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 5
Tues 7/13
Thur 7/15
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 6
Tues 7/20
Thur 7/22
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 7
Tues 7/27
Thur 7/29
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 8
Tues 8/3
Thur 8/5
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 9
Tues 8/10
Thur 8/12
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Session 10
Tues 8/17
Thur 8/19
10:00 am
4:00 pm
To enroll your child for Faithful Friends Farm Camp!
Please contact the office to schedule the sessions your child will be attending camp.


Each day will be filled with fun & learning!
Campers will begin their day with prayer time and a short scripture for the day!
Each day will be filled with opportunities to reflect on God's love for us and his amazing creation!


Children will plant, weed, cultivate and harvest from the community camp garden!

Management of the Chicken Coup
Children will learn how to care for chickens & collect eggs & prepare for sale.

Horseback Riding
Children will learn basic & more advanced riding skills, depending on their level.
Fun & enjoyment of the ponies will be stressed as opposed to competiveness.
Caring for the ponies' environment and grooming, as well as basic horse training will also be taught.

Dog Care
Children will be encouraged to bring their dog to camp on Thursdays for a fun filled day!
We will provide a dog if the camper doesn't have one.
Responsible dog care, bathing, basic obedience, & some agility will be incorporated into part of the
When the children are doing other activities a secure resting kennel will be provided for the dog.

Crafts & Nature Hikes
Children will be allowed to enjoy the farm on a nature hike where supplies for crafts can be gathered.
Farm related crafts will also be offered.
Summer Camp for ages 9-14 will be offered 2 days per week for 10 weeks this summer! 
The program is designed for children to attend camp for 1 or more sessions this summer.  Due to
the on going nature of the activities provided in the camp, children will benefit most from attending
at least 3 sessions of camp, one session or more per month.  This allows them to be actively involved
in the entire growing season particuraly in the gardening activities!

Camp Fees for ages 8-14 and Payment Details

$105.00 pr session
  Additional Sibling Discounts
1 sibling 5% off per camper
2 siblings 10% off per camper
3 or more siblings 15% off per camper       
The Full balance for camp sessions payable by check or cash is due at the beginning of the session.

  We will also be offing a Junior Colts & Fillies Camp for children ages 4-7.
  This camp will be a minature version of Faithful Friends Farm Camp geared for the younger children.   There will only be three one day sessions on the following days:
June 23, 7/14, 8/11 Time 10:00-2:00.
  Cost will be $55.00 pr day
  Payment is due at start of camp day.